Engage, Empower, Enrich: Create a Caring Work Place


Employee motivation, retention, and productivity are all improved when leaders provide a framework for employees to excel in their work.  Now, more than ever, it is important for organizations to create a positive work environment that focuses on employee fulfillment. When employees lead fulfilling lives, their contributions to the organization are increased affecting sales, service, and nearly every aspect of an organization’s success. Tim Richardson will equip leaders with strategies that will energize their employees to create more richness in their work, increasing profitability for all.


Peak Performance

Managing personal and professional energy is a key for peak performance. Energy helps advance your career and keeps you balanced and sharp.  This session will show you how to increase intellectual energy through lifelong learning, build physical energy by developing healthy work and personal habits, and understand *spiritual energy and how it increases personal energy, lowers employee turnover, increases job satisfaction, and workplace productivity.

*Note: This is not spiritual energy in a new age, religious, or philosophical sense. It simply focuses of creating a philanthropic culture and a giving back mindset.



THINK is a mantra for one of the world’s leading companies yet only fully utilized by few. Most people seem to be better at directing or following directions than thinking or creating new possibilities. Today’s financial climate necessitates high level thinking and challenging the status quo. This session is based on research from Tim’s Putnam published book Transformation Thinking and will teach leaders how to think innovatively and how to encourage others to do the same. Tim will provide techniques to increase personal brain power, demonstrate how to encourage new thinking, and how to build consensus for ideas. He’ll discuss common pitfalls that prevent new thinking and provide techniques to overcome these pitfalls. If you’d like better results, engage with Tim for a stimulating keynote that will inspire collaborative thinking, innovation, and a work environment that fosters better results.


How to Create a Culture of Astonishingly Superior Customer Service

After spending one year working with a luxury Five Diamond resort property and researching many leading service organizations, Tim learned that many of the “secrets” for delivering 5 Star Customer Service are not secrets at all. It’s the implementation that is the mystery. Tim will help leaders unravel that mystery in this innovative, high energy presentation. He will also share the program he designed and developed for the resort property which helped them achieve international recognition. This program will provide tailored content and will highlight a formula for delivering exceptional service. Strategies will also be shared on how to hire and keep great staff!


Post Presentation Panel Discussion:

After the keynote, Tim will interview up to 3 pre-selected attendees (innovative industry leaders) either in a breakout session OR as part of the general session. The panel will join Tim for the last part of the presentation. He will thoughtfully prepare questions in advance that will both support the presentation key points as well as help the audience apply to their work.

A few weeks before the program, Tim will have a phone conference call with the panel to provide an overview of the presentation and to develop a list of questions that will be asked after his keynote.  He will also meet with the panel onsite to get updates and to insure the presentation is on target, well-prepared, and relevant. The audience will be encouraged to participate in the dialogue, as well through the use of online polling and Twitter (optional). The goal is to combine a session that creates a great blend of motivational, innovative and compelling content along with the wisdom, insights, and experience from leaders in the industry.

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