Unlock the Block to Peak Performance and Selling Success!

In this high-energy presentation, Tim will provide sales professionals with a six-step process to navigate around the barriers that hold them back from selling success. He will show them how to be more successful in their work by changing the way they think and changing the way they sell. He will also demonstrate how to use the 6 X 6 plan to substantially affect both personal and professional performance. He’ll share more than 37 sales strategies and selling concepts that he has personally used over a 30-year career. Finally, Tim will provide questions to stop the mental blocks that prevent and sabotage sales success.


Post Presentation Panel Discussion:

After the keynote, Tim will interview up to 3 pre-selected attendees (innovative industry leaders) either in a breakout session OR as part of the general session. The panel will join Tim for the last part of the presentation. He will thoughtfully prepare questions in advance that will both support the presentation key points as well as help the audience apply to their work.

A few weeks before the program, Tim will have a phone conference call with the panel to provide an overview of the presentation and to develop a list of questions that will be asked after his keynote.  He will also meet with the panel onsite to get updates and to insure the presentation is on target, well-prepared, and relevant. The audience will be encouraged to participate in the dialogue, as well through the use of online polling and Twitter (optional). The goal is to combine a session that creates a great blend of motivational, innovative and compelling content along with the wisdom, insights, and experience from leaders in the industry.


Unlock the Block to Innovation and New Thinking! 

This high-energy keynote is based on research from Tim’s Putnam published book Transformation Thinking. In this presentation, Tim teaches leaders how to think creatively while navigating around the barriers that hold them from taking action. Tim will provide tips and techniques to increase personal brain power, while demonstrating how to encourage new thinking in times of rapid change. He’ll share strategies to help leaders unlock their mental block and provide content to challenge them and how they lead the effort to new thinking.


Unlock the Block to Peak Performance and Relationship Restoration

In this presentation, Tim will provide attendees with a six-step process to achieve peak personal and professional performance. He will also demonstrate how to use his 6 X 6 plan to maximize personal energy. He’ll provide tools to restore and maintain effective relationships and help prevent relationship pitfalls.


Unlock the Block to Effective Leadership

This session will help leaders and managers lead their staff more effectively by helping them remove the blocks that affect employee engagement, effective communication, and customer experience. Buckle your seat belt for a thought-provoking session that may change the way you lead, motivate, and position yourself for success.

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