My Mother My Mentor

My mother gave birth to me twice. The first time, of course, was my arrival into the world. The second happened about 14 years later and it’s the second birth that I remember and will forever be grateful. I was a student in Mrs. Hargrove’s English class when the assignment was given to memorize a […]

Is social media really anti-social media?


Time. It is such a precious commodity. Many people lament that they don’t have enough of it, and we yearn for more. Ironically, we seem to have an amazing amount of time spent daily watching TV and on Facebook.

– Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerburg reported that we spend 50 minutes per day on […]

Unlock the Block: How to Jump Over, Push-Through, and Navigate around the Barriers That Hold You Back

Road blocks can be extremely frustrating when they are standing in the way of arriving at our destination. We can all relate to a time when our route was changed by an unexpected road block. Usually, a sign alerts us to the block but sometimes it can be a surprise. We may have to […]

Advance Your Business and Your Career

Here is an idea that can revolutionize your business and your life. Many

organizations have retreats, but how many professionals do you know that take

time to go offsite and do some thinking and strategic planning about their career

and life? A new year brings resolutions for many that are often broken before

the […]