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Living Rich

Tim Richardson believes real richness is about “living rich” – a life of giving, influencing, and serving. Based on Tim’s project, which annually honors the 100 “Richest” people in North America, this inspiring presentation will uplift and encourage audiences to see beyond their physical world, and embrace what is truly valuable. With heart-warming stories of ordinary people achieving the extraordinary, attendees will learn to see themselves, and others, from the inside out. A deeply moving experience for all.

Tim’s newest book, still in the writing and researching phases, is entitled “Living Rich.” The book features stories of everyday people doing extraordinary things to create richer lives for others. Examples of some of the inspiring lives profiled include: a community adopting an Iraqi family whose ten-year-old daughter has Spina Bifada; a doctor who has devoted his career to working in third world countries training other doctors and helped to build hospitals; a lady has rallied thousands of volunteers committed to restoring New Orleans to its former glory; a single mother of four who raised money to build several houses in Jamaica for impoverished families; and am eighty-year-old adventure seeker who travels the globe writing about his experiences.

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT! If you know someone who exemplifies the qualities of someone living a “rich” life by giving and serving others, please provide a short overview of their story and how to contact them by filling out the Nomination form below. In doing so, you may be eligible to win a copy of Tim’s book, “Living Rich."

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You were outstanding, Tim. Your mix of motivation and sales ideas/skills would be an outstanding addition to any insurance company or association meeting.

Robert N. Bradshaw, Jr.
Executive Vice President
Independent Insurance Agents of Virginia

Tim delivered a motivational presentation that was sincere, heartwarming, humorous and educational.

Bob DeVries
President and Chairman of the Board
Boeing Aerospace Leadership Chapter

Thanks for outstanding keynote you presented at our National Directors Meeting. Not only did our Directors leave uplifted and inspired, but with tools to help them stretch beyond their current expectations.

Gerhard J. Kuti
Favorite Healthcare Staffing

Tim Richardson is one of America’s most talented professional speakers. He is bright and very funny, and his message is highly compelling. He was a terrific close for our conference and we plan to have him back again!

Todd Thomas
Managing Director
International Garage Door Assn.

Thank you for your amazing presentation at our 7th Annual conference. Your keynote scored 4.92 out of a possible 5.  The fact that you were given two standing ovations for this presentation was another key indicator of how well it was received.

Pat Goodberry-Dyck
Conference Chair
HealthCare Service Excellence Conference
Your presentation was the highlight of our conference. Your motivational and thought-provoking message hit home with our attendees.

Lynn Zeno
Executive Vice-President
Independent Insurance Agents of Arkansas

Tim is a fantastic speaker and has a great twist on presenting who "really" is rich in this country. I have been impressed with his character and integrity. Great results naturally follow his presentation as he is careful to weave in detailed knowledge on the subject at hand.

John Register
Associate Director
US Paralympics

Your speech was an ideal combination of motivation and humor.

Randy Griffith
Executive Vice President
US Bank

I’ve had numerous comments from our sales people about how much they enjoyed the speech…it was funny, enlightening, thought provoking, entertaining and educational.

Darryl Thompson
President and CEO
Triad Guaranty Insurance

Your presentation was a resounding success with our staff. I can state unequivocally that you have been the best speaker we’ve had as an organization during my six year tenure.

John D. Hirabayashi
President and CEO
Educational Community Credit Union

I have had the opportunity to listen to many speakers.  I can honestly say that none have caused me to remember their presentation so vividly or touch me with their message like Tim.  He gave the audience “food for thought” with emotion and a lot of humor. 

Anna Portelli
Program Manager
Fox Premier Meetings

Through sincerity, eloquence and often hysteria (he's a really funny guy), Tim gives a motivational speech a totally new twist. And motivated you will be if you choose him for a speaker. I recommend him wholeheartedly.

Debbie Teague

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